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September Timetable

Dear All Members I wish to thank you all for your patients whilst we were sorting out the timetable for September and please know we are truly grateful for your return and support to the club after the lockdown period. This new timetable will begin as of Tuesday 1st September, after the Bank Holiday Monday. Please ... More

Huge Disappointment

https://youtu.be/A1rlEwK06lk More

New QR Scan System

https://www.facebook.com/100009561366313/videos/2700820480246638/?extid=XBiIcuojUnFQssrb     The QR code will be on the memorial hall wall next to the pedestrian gate entrance at Last Day. Members need to scan the QR code when they arrive and select "Otters" under the "to see" option. They then need to ... More

Moreton Hall Swimming Pool

Please get yourself ready for September and check out this short video regarding Moreton Hall Swimming pool which once fully confirmed key squads will be targeted to train there. https://youtu.be/-_LskfMEvl4 Please read and look over the Risk Assessment for this facility [Click Here] Please read and look over ... More

Monday 31st August

We wish to thank everyone for informing us on their stance on the up and coming Bank Holiday Monday in August. All in all we had a mixture of those who wish to swim and those who were away. Alongside a shortage of coaches also for the day we have taken the decision to follow the club tradition to keep closed for the ... More


    https://youtu.be/NiYWbi8t_kU "Spond is free to use and does not share your private information with anyone. The only cost is a transaction fee if the club choose to collect money from it App." Join our group via the following link:- https://group.spond.com/SGOIN More

August Update