Monday 5th October changes

Dear Members Throughout September I and the coaching team have been listening to what both our athletes and their parents have been saying and have seen if we can make any changes to our swimming program. As of Monday 5th October we will trialing a huge change to the swimming timetable, which will allow our members more ... More

Cake Sale Success!

During the course of the summer a young swimmer set out to bake cakes to make needed funds for Oswestry Otters. Lexi Roberts worked so hard through the summer holidays baking cakes for friends and family, she started off with £10 to get some ingredients then she baked, sold, out of her profits bought more ingredients, ... More

New QR Scan System     The QR code will be on the memorial hall wall next to the pedestrian gate entrance at Last Day. Members need to scan the QR code when they arrive and select "Otters" under the "to see" option. They then need to ... More

Remembrance of those who shaped us.

It is with a heavy heart that we have just heard that Eunice Price who started the Club in 1976 has sadly passed away.   Doreen our club president will be representing the Club at her funeral and Shirley Blasé is also going who was one of the founding members. This following the previous news of Ceri ... More

Spring Long Course – Report

Forget about Storm Ciara & Storm Dennis, because Storm Otters were making big waves at Swansea, National Pool on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th February. Set over very long days with no break, the event ran from 8am to 7pm. 5 Male Otters from young to old set their sights at getting qualifying time for the up and ... More

The Wilfred Owen Summer Meet

HOORAY! It's back, It's bigger and It's better. The club is pleased to announce that our first ever Open Meet "The Wilfred Owen Summer Meet" is confirmed and ready for July 2020. This is third time lucky due to unfortunate pool closure effecting both our first and second attempts in 2019. We will be using Swimming ... More

Flash of the Past   More

Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th December.

Please be aware that the Oswestry School pool will be closed off on 16th & 17th December. This is to allow the school and chemical experts to make the necessary changes to allow us to have a better training environment.   On those days we will be having training alterations to do land work instead. Both days ... More

New Swimmers and Parents Resource

New page added to the website to help promote and educate the hidden training qualities which are needed in all athletes. (Both in swimming and others sports as well). Performance of swimmers isn't just an element of what we are doing in the pool, we have huge inferences involved outside of the water. This new page ... More

Bag packing 14th December

Bag packing at Sainsbury’s in Oswestry on the 14th December. 7am onwards 2 swimmers and 1 adult required for each till (5 in total) Our plans is to break up into slotted times to just work the morning where those swimmers going to Arena perform the first slot and others the second slot (Of course at everyone ... More