Skills Progression

Skills Progression

Skills Progression

(Five Sessions / 7:75 Hours / £55 Per Month)

The second tier of the club’s squads, this is where the young swimmers learn to develop the
training habits required to succeed as a competitive swimmer. Emphasis is primarily placed
on stroke technique, while new training aims are introduced and previously learned skills
enhanced. These include the further development of basic swimming endurance through
long continuous swims or linked swims with short rests, and the development of basic
swimming speed over short distances. Additionally swimmers will learn about
sportsmanship and behaviour as a team member.

Skills Progression  – Having completed the Skills Development programme, there is an emphasis on
maintaining high skill levels while putting the swimming skills under increasing pressure.
The focus of this squad is on training rather than competition, although swimmers in this
level will be expected to follow the competition programme to ensure they gain the most
from the skills they have learnt.  Swimmers within the Skills Progression squad are at the stage of training to train, i.e. learning the techniques to develop great training habits and behaviours. 

Swimmers in Skills Progression will: 

Criteria to move into Junior Performance Squad: 

Promotion from the Skills Progression Programme will be based on a number of factors, including:

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